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How to protect yourself against welder sparks ?

Metal debris, light rays, hardened slag particles, are all the risks you are exposed to during a welding operation. Despite your knowledge or your competence, there are still some precautionary measures to be taken. This is even more relevant as welding spark could be very dangerous. The sparks that escape has nothing to do with your capacity as it always happens should you be a beginner or a pro. To avoid any work accident, here’s how to protect yourself from welding sparks.

Facial protection

The face is the most exposed part during a welding operation. Especially eyes, which, if not well protected can cause serious eye damage. To properly protect your face from welding sparks, there are some precaution you should take. Some of them are :

  • A welder’s helmet

The helmet must have a filter calibrated according to the intensity of the rays under which you are working. This protects you from chemical burns and irritation.

  • A hand welder’s mask

It is a respiratory protection device. Its main role is to protect your lungs from harmful fumes and oxides.

  • Welding goggles

The lenses of your glasses should be appropriate for your type of welding. Indeed, there are lenses for gas welding and lenses for electric arc welding, calibrated according to a CSA Z94.3-15 scale. The ones not being suitable for the others, specify the use which you want to make of them to obtain the good ones.

  • A headband helmet

This equipment is mainly for hearing protection. This means that it secures the welder against noise. To prevent debris from entering, consider pairing them with fire-resistant earplugs.

Protecting your body

To protect your body, there is a specific suit to be worn. It is a fire and flame-resistant set. You should therefore not layer it on top of other clothing except for the hands, feet, and head. It includes cuffless pants and a jacket with pockets closed with flaps or sealed with tape.

As for your hands and feet, wear leather gloves and safety boots with rubber soles. They will be used to protect you against electric shocks, burns, and heat.

Fire protection

Sparks and welding debris can quickly create a fire, even at a great distance from the welding machine. Protecting your work surface is therefore equivalent to protecting yourself since a possible fire can be fatal to you. Therefore, very frequently check that there are no cracks, cracks, or openings in the workstation. Sparks can penetrate them up to a distance of 7.5 meters and a height of 4 meters. Especially since on some surfaces, the propagation is slow and silent.

Since sparks always produce fire in contact with other materials, use a baffle or centrifuge to deflect the rays that escape during your handling.

Now you know how to protect yourself against welding sparks. If there is no way to buy all or part of the equipment, you must at least have your protective glasses. Above all, avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, rings, and other jewelry. They ignite very quickly and can cause severe skin burns.