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How to apply for a sales job in London ?

You probably know how to sell a product or service to a customer. But can you sell yourself to an employer? To apply for a sales job in London, you need to use your sales skills. Here are some tips that may be useful in fine-tuning your application.

Define a research perimeter

A good sales agent is one who has a solid and appropriate sales pitch. To convince a customer, you must master the product or service you are selling. That’s why, when you are looking for a sales job in London, it is best to turn to the field that you are most passionate about. You should apply for jobs that best fit your skills and passions. By finding your area of interest, it will be easier to excel in sales.

Search for your sales job in london

Once you have determined the area you want to work in, you can then start looking for job openings. You can do this by:

  • Register with your district’s job center
  • Visit online job sites: just type in a search engine the key words: job London. You will then be redirected to the sites presenting the job offers of the city.
  • Send an unsolicited application: if you want to work for a specific company in London, submit your application to them, even if they are not hiring at the moment.
  • Use your network: One of the ways to find an exciting job is to get to know the right people. And know this, almost 80% of jobs in London are not advertised! So start making the right connections. To do this, attend professional networking events, make friend requests on social networks, join online sales groups.

Create a personalized resume

A polished resume can make a difference in the London job market. So, don’t hesitate to revise yours when you want to apply for a job in sales. The main sections to improve are :

  • Work experience: in this part of your resume, you should talk about experiences that are related to sales and don’t forget to mention the numbers.
  • The title: the best thing to do is to use the title of the job description. In the case of an unsolicited application, you can put the name of the position you are applying for.
  • Skills: here, the recruiter must see your strong points, such as: excellent interpersonal skills, stress management, helpfulness, etc.
  • Education: it’s true that this part is not very interesting, but you must nevertheless inform the curriculum you have followed. And if you have followed training in sales, mention it!

You should remain professional and not use fancy words to impress the recruiters. your resume should not be cluttered, but easy to read! If possible, ask for outside help. a second pair of eyes will surely be beneficial.

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Other documents to have to complete your application

In addition to a good CV, you should also provide other documents to support your application. The first is the cover letter. Here you have to sell yourself. The recruiter must be able to detect through the letter your ability to build a convincing argument with his clients as well as your know-how in the field.

The second is the portfolio. This document must present your know-how, your strong points. You must highlight your best achievements, your most beautiful projects and the ones that are the most rewarding for your profile.

sales job in london: Submitting your application

There are several ways to apply for a sales job:

  • You can apply directly online, following an offer published online
  • You can submit your application by email
  • You can also go to the company’s offices to submit your application.

When you have already submitted your application, do not cross your arms. You must think about preparing yourself for the interviews. To do this, project yourself as the recruiter will do at the interview. Practice how you talk, how you sell yourself. The recruiter must be impressed by your application.