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How to play poker scratch off ?

There are many lottery scratch cards in the US but, poker scratch off card is one of the most popular ones because it is easier to play. Indeed, poker scratch-off could make your day. The ticket cost starts from $5 and, if you win the top prize, you could get $100,000. If you would like to learn how to play poker scratch off, here is a guide that should be useful.

How to play poker scratch off: Play smart

You should play smart by learning the rules. Different organizations in US states that organize scratch-off lotteries have their own rules, and these rules are similar across the country. Lets us see steps on how to play poker scratch off.

Playing poker scratch off

Firstly, you must be 18 years to play a poker scratch-off game. Buy a ticket of $5.00 from a local lottery retailer, and you could win the top price of $100,000. Scratch off a ticket or scan the QR code on your smartphone through their lottery app.

Poker scratch off hold Em game has:

  • 5 players’ hands of two cards each
  • One Champion Hand has two cards each
  • One set of Community Cards of five cards—that includes Flop, Turn, River

The payer scratches off the 5 players’ hands and the champion’s hand to show two cards apiece. Next, he scratches the Community cards to show five cards. At this point, the player must make the best five hands of the champion and each player plus the five community cards.

The player’s hands and the hands of the champion are equal to seven cards to make the best five-card Poker hand. If any of the Player’s Hand has a better five-card poker hand that is better than the Champion’s hands, they will win the prize displayed for that Hand.

Odds and second Draw

The odds are that 1 ticket in 5 wins a prize. If after the draws you didn’t win any prize, you may enter the second draw using the same card through the internet only. The lottery organizers say that in some states in the US, they have more lucky winners. Find out those states and go there to play the poker scratch-off game.

How to collect Winnings

Now that you have learned how to play poker scratch-off, let’s share how to collect winnings. Prizes range from $5 to $10,000 and the top prize of $100,000.

Prices You Can Collect from Your Local Lottery Agent

If you win prizes of $5 to $200, take your winning ticket to the Local lottery retailer’s store where you bought it, or the one closest to your location. Fill out a claims form and sign your name on the back of the ticket. An agent will confirm your winnings, and you’ll be paid instantly.

Prizes to Process at the Lottery Organizers’ Headquaters or by Mail

If you win $1000, $10,000, to $100,000 visit the organizer’s main office to cash your winnings in person. Present the winning ticket to the organizer’s agent. Fill out your information on the claims form, sign your name on the back of the ticket, and submit the ticket to their officers.

You will receive your winnings by mail after authentication of the ticket. Also, you should collect your winnings within one year from when a game was held.