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How to earn money in USA on f1 visa ?

The decision to study in the United States is an interesting one. However, in order to realize this wish, the aspirant is called to understand correctly the steps which are imposed on him. First, it is useful to obtain a suitable residence permit: this is the F1 visa. Find out in this article to what extent you can use the F1 visa.

The F1 visa: what is it?

This type of visa was designed especially for individuals who intend to begin their education in the United States. It is intended for academics who wish to enroll in a certified American school for more than eighteen hours of class per week. These schools can be public or private, and constitute institutions that offer English language learning programs, high schools, and universities. However, basic establishments, as well as adult training centers, are not taken into account for the visa.

It is still useful to point out that the F1 visa only allows you to travel to the United States to study and nothing else. During the first year of study, it is strictly forbidden to work off-campus and even inside it. The only jobs allowed are supposed to be in sync with the integration of the individual and not for making money for a living.

Obtaining an F1 visa: the procedure

Unlike applying for an ESTA authorization, visa procedures can be long and complex. This principle does not exclude the F1 visa. First, it is essential to select an establishment to register. It is according to the latter, that the process can begin, one is delivered the first paper to be completed namely the I-20 form which allows being registered in the SEVIS designated under the name "Student and Exchange Visitor Information System ”.

Then you have to fill out the DS-160 form. Once this step is completed, the aspirant can enter their banking information clearly and legibly to avoid any dispute. After that, an interview is initiated by the United States Embassy. The candidate makes an appointment and goes there, having with him all the duly completed information and the documents that constitute his registration file. Once the registration is successful and one year after the start of the courses, the student will be called upon to pay his tuition fees on the one hand, and finance his life on a daily basis, although he is only authorized to exercise a remunerated activity. 'After one year of study either in its second or third year.

In light of the above, it is useful to remember that you can only earn money when you have completed more than a year of study, the visa is intended only for registration at a facility in the United States. There is great university experience with the F1 visa and the possibility of making money as soon as you acquire certain seniority in the country. It is therefore appropriate that for the first hours of registration, one should organize oneself to ensure his education, but also to arrange to cope financially and materially before obtaining the approval to make gains.